Annual Conventions for Company Directors

Annual Conventions for Company Directors Each year, annual conferences and conventions provide company directors with networking and learning opportunities. These events offer company directors unique forums to learn about success stories in leadership, best practices in guiding businesses, and leadership skills. The following is an overview of major events held in the United Kingdom geared toward company directors, as well as business leaders and managers.

Institute of Directors Annual Convention

Established in 1903, the Institute of Directors was incorporated by royal charter in 1906. Its role is to support and represent company directors, as well as set standards for directors. In addition to organising monthly events throughout the year for company directors to learn, meet and network, the Institute puts on an Annual Convention. Hosted at the Royal Albert Hall in Central London, the one-day event attracts political and world leaders, change makers, and notable speakers. It is also attended by thousands of business leaders. Keynote speakers at the 2013 event include Jack Welch, named by Fortune Magazine as the Manager of the Century. Other speakers include Virgin Group's Sir Richard Branson, Mayor of London Boris Johnson, and the Chancellor of the Exchequer the Right Honourable George Osborne. Executives from Google, Fundsmith, TechCity and Ariadne Capital are also noteworthy speakers at the 2013 Annual Convention. Celebrating the conference's 60th year, the 2013 edition is sponsored by British Airways, Decantae, Diligent Boardbooks Limited, Flanders Investment & Trade, Heathrow Airport, Jaguar, Scottish Windows, Totally Exec, and United Airlines.

Women as Leaders Conference

Held annual at The Grange Hotel St. Paul's in Central London, the Women as Leaders Conference is an engaging networking opportunity for corporate leaders. Female directors and business leaders bring their experiences to the event and share how they overcame barriers to achieve success. Sponsored by HSBC and O2, the one-day conference includes Q & A sessions with influential women and business leaders, as well as open networking and roundtable discussions. Delegates learn about strategies on how to climb the corporate ladder, the importance of mentorship, and how to recruit, manage and retain female staff. Organised by the Institute of Directors, the conference was first put on in 2007. Speakers at the 2013 edition include Carol Bagnald of HSBC, Ella Bennett from Fujitsu UK and Ireland, authors Syvia Marshall and Rona Cant, Kate Hardcastle of Insight with Passion, and Zoe Hominick from Telefonica.

Advances in Leadership Conference

The inaugural Advances in Leadership Conference was organised in 2011. Hosted by the London Metropolitan Business School, the two-day conference brings together leaders from business, academia and other sectors. The event's goal is to advance leadership effectiveness through cooperation and collaboration. In addition to company directors, the conference attracts a wide range of executive officers, managing directors and senior manager, leadership developers including talent managers and training managers, and leadership thinkers and researchers from academics to authors. The 2013 edition of the Advances in Leadership Conference covered a range of topics, including leading complex organisations from failure to success, social leadership, overcoming toxic leadership, and structural change and leadership. Sponsors of the annual event include London Metropolitan University, the Centre for Progressive Leadership (CPL), and MacLennan.

Manufacturer Directors' Conference

The Manufacturer Directors' Conference (MDC) is targeted to company directors, executives and managers in the manufacturing sector. In 2012, the conference attracted over 30 speakers and was sponsored by a range of industry leaders, such as IBM, Toyota, Oracle, Western Union, Epicor, DHL, Hays and others. Speakers at the event included Minister of State for Business and Enterprise the Honourable Michael Fallon and RBS's senior economist Ross Walker. Various breakout sessions covered a variety of topics, including focused discussions on specific manufacturing sectors, including automotive, aerospace and defence, food and drink, chemicals, and advanced engineering. Additional sessions explored broad themes such as innovation, workforce issues, social media, overseas growth, energy and the environment. The 2012 conference was held in London's The Grange Tower Bridge Hotel. In 2013, the MDC will be organised at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel in Birmingham at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC).