What Company Director's Leadership Training Courses to Attend

Company Directors' Leadership Training Courses/Seminars There's an astonishing variety of leadership and training courses, seminars, conferences and interest groups for UK Company Directors to join. Company directors looking to develop top notch leadership skills, and keep up with the latest management trends, want to know where to go.

Find a trend site

Word of mouth in life and business is one of the most reliable sources of information. Ask a fellow company director or management professional what courses they've attended and found most useful. Try to get a website address or two, and read up on courses you'd like to take. Include a trend setting leadership website in the mix, such as the UK's Institute of Leadership and Management webpage.

Drop good ideas

It's important for a Company Director to have a good general knowledge of all departments within their company. In the fast moving world of Social Media technology, it can be energising for staff if you think up something that goes viral. Getting familiar with sites like Pinterest could lead to an in-house photo competition where you've provided the inspiration. Great leaders drop good ideas. Steve Jobs, widely regarded as the (former) motivating force behind the success of Apple Macintosh says: "We are organised like a start-up" determined to "be run on ideas". Ask your IT department for some in-house Social Media training.

Build on prior training: Occupying a wave of past training trends, many company directors will remember Edward De Bono's hats and Neuro Linguistic Programming. Courses shared with other senior managers and prior training experiences are valuable if capitalized upon. Consider the recent trend towards coaching and mentoring for executives. These courses are high on the current agendas of many entrepreneurs, SMEs and global companies. Many courses combine with NLP, life coaching, psychometric testing, interpersonal skills and other management tools in a dynamic way.

Media training

Company directors in leadership roles become company spokespersons. You may find yourself on ITV one day, or sitting in front of the local business journalist at your company awards ceremony. There are ways to talk to the media to ensure the message your company is communicating gets across. Ask your marketing department to recommend a course for Media Training. If you are feeling brave, ask the IT department to take you through making a company video for the website, or a wider distribution channel.

Heath and Safety

Every company has to abide by occupational health and safety legislation, and at least one executive needs to be the lead on it. If you are working in a small company, it would be a good idea to attend a course relevant to your workplace. Many of these can be identified through the Gov.uk local business section or your local technical college.

Security Management

The collection of data, storage, and company legal responsibility, is a relatively new area of legal expertise. If you don't have a CIO, you need to decide who is the data protection leader in your company. If you, as company director, train in security management, you will be more aware of what you can and can't do with information you gain about your customers and suppliers. This can be immensely useful when marketing come up with campaigns to engage and improve sales.

Industry Knowledge

Depending on what your company sells, it is always wise to update your academic knowledge of your industry, by taking a short course of certified study. These are best obtained through university, colleges, or specialist business schools.


As part of a mentoring training exercise, you could exchange offices with another company director in a completely different industry, to see how things are done. What inspiration you gain from business practice is worth a day out of the office.

to Grips with a Board

Company directors frequently chair shareholder meetings. If you have limited experience with this role, it is worth doing a course about chairing shareholder meetings. This will come in handy at the AGM especially.

Financial Management

The obligations of the Company Secretary are paramount to keeping correct financial records. Find out what needs to be done so that you understand how much is involved, and what needs to be recorded. Ultimately, responsibility for financial management lies with the Company Director, so you don't want to plead ignorant. There are many dynamic courses and conferences for financial management training, where executives enjoy swapping knowledge, and learning about how to keep the wheels running smoothly.

Motivation and Leadership

The best company directors ensure they achieve a balance between knowledge and motivation. A recent Gov.uk survey revealed 60% of a CEO's day is spent talking. Company leaders need to be personable, inspirational and knowledgeable. Make sure you top up the motivation and leadership batteries. Attend interesting seminars by industry speakers. Annual conferences, your local Chamber of Commerce group, or HR Department, can provide lots of ideas for this area of training.

A career as a company director requires industry knowledge and the ability to keep a handle on all components of a business. Balanced with marketing, media and interpersonal skills activities, will ensure your leadership courses are something you look forward to as a company director.