Registering as a Company Director

Registering as a Company Director The Companies Act, 2006 requires that all private companies have at least one director and all public companies have at least two directors. Both private and public companies must have at least one 'natural born' person as a director, meaning an individual rather than a company or other legal entity. Company directors may be registered online, in person, by post and through incorporation agents or services.

Eligibility Requirements

An individual must be at least 16 years of age in order to be registered as a company director. There is no maximum age in order to become a company director. Unless an exemption is provided by the courts, company directors must not be involved in bankruptcy proceedings or be disqualified from serving as a director by the courts. Companies House maintains a registry of all disqualified company directors. Companies House is responsible for incorporating and dissolving limited companies in the United Kingdom, as well as examine, store and provide information to the public about companies and company directors to the public. The agency's authority derives from the Companies Act, related legislation and the Secretary of State.

There are several roles and responsibilities a company director must follow, including avoiding conflicts of interest and acting within assigned and legal authorities to ensure the success of the company. A company director is required by law to file a company's annual accounts and annual return on time. They must also ensure that the company's details, such as registered address and name, are up to date. Any changes to a company's information must be provided to Companies House.

Registering a Company Director for a New Company

When registering a new business, information about the company and its directors must be provided to Companies House. Company directors are registered when the new public or private company is registered. Registration may be completed in person at a Companies House information centre in London, Cardiff, Edinburgh or Belfast. Companies and their directories may also be registered using forms submitted to Companies House by post or through the online incorporation service offered by the agency. Formation and company secretarial agents may also be used to assist with registering a new company.

When registering a new company, the name and address of the corporation must be provided. Information about each director and secretary must also be submitted, as well as share capital and shareholder details. The full name of each director must be provided, as well as their usual residential address. Although the information is submitted to Companies House, the residential address of company directors is not publicly available. The director's service address, which can be the same as the registered office for the company, must also be provided and is publicly available. Certain personal information for each director is also required, including the nationality, occupation, date of birth, former names and country or state of residence. Consent must also be provided. This is done by providing three out of seven personal details in place of a signature (that is, a director's town of birth, eye colour, father's first name, mother's maiden name, last three digits of their telephone number, last three digits of their National Insurance number, and/or last three digits of their passport number).

Registering a Company Director for an Existing Company

If a director has been appointed for an existing company, they may be registered by updating the company's information with Companies House. Updates may be provided by using the Companies House WebFiling application. This online tool is used to submit a company's annual return and annual accounts, as well as when filing information and changes related to a company's director or secretary. Contact information and personal details about each director must be provided, similar to when registering a new company.

Alternatively, changes to director information may be given using a software filing package. Examples of e-filing packages include commercially available accounts, secretarial and incorporations software or an online formation service and agent. Information is then submitted securely and electronically to Companies House. Forms may also be obtained from Companies House and sent by post or provided in person at information centres in London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast.

Registration Information

To register a company director with Companies House and to obtain additional information about registering a new company or director, visit